2D cross section with glClipPlane

Hi teachers

I find the info. below. And now I want to draw a 2D cross section with glClipPlane.

How do I do?


“Currenty this is done in OpenGL with two clip planes (glClipPlane) very close to each other. Rendering(2D cross section) is done with glPolygonMode(GL_FRONT_AND_BACK,GL_LINE). This ensures that everything is drawn correctly when projecting orthogonally.”


If you need only the outline, I would suggest SW approach, I’ve implemented it some time ago using spatial trees, for large meshes (100000+ triangles) the time is around 1-2ms.
It does not suffer all of the drawback of the rendering technique like thick+thin lines, non close objects…



Would you like to concretely describe the SW approach, spatial trees and so on? or give me some more infomation or www?