12.41 drivers are available...

For those of you anxiously awaiting official reference drivers, they’re available at the NVIDIA web site.

Enjoy -

thanks cass,

what I think a lot of us tech-heads would realy love to know is…

What’s been fixed/enhanced/added etc in each successive release ?

or is that too rich for public consumption

6MB of release notes await you at NVidia.com. Please wait until after I download!

There’s one issue with the new drivers (not opengl related):

If someone had detonator 7.68 installed (they are leaked, but hey, many people installed them), there can be a problem with the display properties dialog:

7.68 had the localized versions of the properties sheet, but 12.41 dont have( and if I install 12.41 over 7.68 the localization dll’s will remain in the windows/system dir) BUT if 12.41 finds any localized version it will use it, and the display properties dialog looks totally like crap, because 12.41 uses dll’s from 7.68, many options dont work or even show, on my PC the driver was even telling me I have an IDT WinChip 2 Rot (I have an athlon). There should be a version check in 12.41 which prevents loading dll with older versions. The solution is to delete the localization dll’s from the windows/system dir.


geeee, what happened to the Nvidia homepage, looks like hell with linux and netscape

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They ignore my Coolbits setting No more overclocking Unless you can tell me a workaround, Cass …

Thanks anyway for the official drivers.

I just upgraded from 7.58, and the 12.41s have added new extensions eg:

Another round of Geforce engine optimising is in order.

PS: Lev - my advanced display options property sheet is also seriously broken - what’s the filename of the localisation dll? to delete?

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I dont remember it 100% but it should be NV(something)(your language ID).dll
just look at all NV*.dll in your windows/system dir, right click them and look at the product version string, is its not 12.41, but NVIDIA, delete the file


Thanks - it was nvrseng.dll. As I was using 7.58, might this be a problem with all 7.xx series?

1 hour trying to get 12.41, but no answer…Are you ignoring 56k bastards?

Site downloads at nVidia are serious screwed right now. I had to manually ftp into the server (and let me tell you that’s no easy thing to do either) to get the files. On top of that, you have to know the exact part to cd into to get the drivers because LS doesn’t work. !!!

Anyways, I grabbed them, if anyone needs me to email them I have them for every platform (windows platform that is). Just let me know.

BTW: to illustrate, I’ve just tried to download the new effects browser about 5 times. Each time from the 47meg download I get ~15meg before it “completes” the download leaving me with a crap file that gets deleted in the end.

Be patient.


Cass, just one question…

With the ‘official’ 650 drivers I can set the refresh rate to my monitor’s maximum hz… (with the leaked drivers, all of them, I always had a limit to the refresh rate)…

So now that this driver is official, why I’m having the same problem? or why is it that you do that (limit the refresh rate) with those drivers?

  • Royconejo.

Good news indeed, Cass! Thanks a bunch.

The most interesting part for me was the stereo driver. Does it support OpenGL Quadbuffer stereo or can it only do the “behind your back” stereo needed to get standard games to go stereo?

Too bad it doesn’t do OpenGL stereo on TNT (note to self: upgrade, now! , but if it supported quadbuffer, it would be an interesting step in the right direction.



I went to the uk site and got a very fast connection on my 56K modem (about 4.8K/s), change .com to .co.uk but it might just link to the same server.

I’m getting it now, and yes, I too am a 56k bastard :stuck_out_tongue:

why cant i run texture shaders with the new drivers on a geforce256? i mean in software like vertex programs.

You can, add Dword NV20Emulate and set it to 1 to this location:


it doesnt work. still cannot find NV_Texture shader

then try HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Display\0001\NVIDIA\OpenGL, or other display enumerants.


P.S. if it doesnt work, i dont know

I don’t think GeForce1’s can use NV20 emulation. The drivers may not allow it. I don’t really understand why not. A GeForce 2 isn’t really very different from a GeForce 1, and neither of them have texture shaders, so a large part of the rendering process will have to be done in software for either of them. So, why not emulate it on GeForce 1?

Though, in their defense, emulating vertex programs in software does not destroy any semblence of performance (even though it makes VAR a bad idea). They’re actually quite useable. But emulating texture shaders will likely reduce performance dramatically.

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