1.2 gl.h and 1.3 glu.h

Like the title says, I need the new header files. I’m on windows if that’s an issue, but I’ll edit the headers to make them compatible if I have to.
I searched at sgi.com and opengl.org but did not find it.


Try nVidia’s glext.h. Not sure about glu.h (or whether nVidia has a 1.2 gl.h) but you’ll still need to wglGetProcAddress with the 1.2 functions and glext.h has all the windows stuff you need. It may be available as part of their recent demos, or in the OpenGL SDK.

IIRC Mesa has 1.2 compatibility now so you could check their header, but you’ll still need the windows stuff (like in glext.h).

I’ve seen glu.h 1.3 mentioned before on the boards. It may also be in Mesa - dunno.

Hope that helps.

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I looked inside MESA and seems as if the necessary stuff is defined. I needed some #define that are not inside glu.h and gl.h

gl.ext defined some but missing some stuff like GL_BGR and GL_BGRA

But why isn’t a new SDK available for GL 1.2 and GLU 1.3