YS Flight 2000

Hello, I found YS Flight under the games page and was wondering are there any servers?

Thank You.

not that i know of, its hard to look for addons and maps etc. for this game unless you know japanese because all the sites ive been to so far are not in english. ive been looking for a chatroom or a server as well and only played it online 2-3 times.

Thank You, On Ysflight.com there is a link to EFCN(EF Combat Net) that supports a small YS Flight online community .

EFCN is the best place arround. http://www.snowraver.org/efcn/EFCNEnglish.htm
It just needs more users.

i have a server if you want know send me a e-mail and i give you the server

There is a YS Flight help and fansite english page now. Http://www.ysflight.tk

Jacn u r everywhere!!!lol

lol! visit www.ysflight.tk for addons, mods, help, and much more!

Anyone still playing this game? Looking for a battle. See www.ysflight.tk to fly.