yes...yes...yes... Open gl 1.4 on Intel KOTOR2

Just bought KOTOR2 last night, and haven’t got it to work…blah blah blah.
I got a intel(r) 82865g graphics controller, if that matters. Only got opengl 1.3… How in the hell do I get 1.4?
Thanks a lot…

Simply put: You wont get OpenGL 1.4 for the Intel 82865.

Get a decent 3d card if you want to play current 3d games.

your a dumbass.
i got it to work perfectly on my computer.
1.3 opengl and all.
pwn. niga

OMFG!!!1111 I got pwnd by a l33t pro gamer who is now playing KOTOR with the lowest possible settings @ 640x480 with whooping 10 FPS on a UBER-133t Intel chipset!111


BTW you do realize that the OT asked for OpenGL 1.4 not 1.3.

Go cry me a river sucker and thanks for the laugh.