HELLO GUYS that have voodoo 3 graphics boards.

I succefuly run Counter Strike using the API glide with fps between 60 and 99. How?
It’s simple:
Install the wickedGL or miniGL and the V3T tweaks and the driver for XP. Where we can find those files? In
There you just need to search these files and install. any doubt, mail me:

PENTIUM III 1Ghz @ 1050Mhz
512MB sdram 133Mhz @ 140Mhz
Voodoo 3 3000 166Mhz @ 174Mhz
Windows XP

With this configuration I’ve succefuly run counter strike with FPS rates between 60 and 99.

FPS rates between 60 and 99… i wonder what resolution this is on… 640x480?

with an wonder resolution of 1024x768
it’s true, sometimes reaches 99fps but most of the time stay in 75fps co’s I don’t know how to disable de vsync in the windows XP

If u guys want see my configuration
see my sandra reports:

With this config, counter strike runs at 75fps most of the time.
sometimes reaches 99fps…

The files to run glide in windows XP I put in my FTP.
The address is
User: ox
Pass: ox
look at the /drivers directory. There u can find all files that I used to run glide in windows XP.

Well thnx for clarifing that fps business

One piece of advice: don’t share your whole FTP server directory just for the drivers, people will take advantage and steal your bandwidth.

One more thing, disabling Vsync is done through 3dfx tools, but im not sure if those original 3dfx 1.03 tools have that option… i know that Omega drivers have that option.

dammit…i still have trouble doing this…can you please teach me? i am so desperate