XSI 5.11 COLLADA export bug??

I’m trying to export 3D data from XSI as a COLLADA document.
The XSI version is 5.11 and COLLADA bug(URL) patched.

I found some strange result from XSI export.
I exported some data from XSI, and tried to validate it by XmlDocument class in MS .NET Framework 2.0 via C#.

But validation failed on ‘perpective’ element. I checked them.
I couldn’t find any bug report about MS .NET’s XML classes, and also, COLLADA schema is accepted by MS .NET’s XML schema class. So this schema is valid for MS .NET.

In the COLLADA schema, ‘perspective’ element has
Camera element has xfov, yfov, aspect_ratio, znear, zfar child nodes.
And fov and z are defined as sequence.
As I know, sequence have to keep it’s order, so fov have to be placed before z.
But XSI exporter placed z* nodes before *fov nodes. Validation failed on here.

I’m not expert on XML-schema, so I don’t know who’s wrong. However, the COLLADA document’s validation was faild.
I believe there is some bug one of those softwares.

If you know information about this situaton, please reply.
Thank you.

I just exported a test sample from XSI 5.11 to check this out.

This is a bug in XSI export code.
From my simple test of a cube with multiple materials, some lights and some cameras I found two different bugs.

  1. The one you found. Missordering elements in <perspective> and <orthographic>. They put <znear> and <zfar> before <*fov>
  2. In material they place the opaque=“RGB_ZERO” attribute on the wrong element. They place it on the <color> element when it is supposed to be on the <transparent> element.

Depending on how strict your importer is these may not cause you any problems. It just makes data that is invalid COLLADA. If you are using a strict importer then it may fail or just load incorrectly. I know that the COLLADA DOM will load the <camera> bug and even put them in the correct order for you. But the DOM will not load the opaque attribute. It will print a warning and continue loading the rest of the document.

You should submit these bugs to XSI.


Both bugs have been fixed in XSI v6.0. It was released in december.