Getting crazy!!!
Somebody can help???

How install opengl in windows xp, my 3d board is Stealth III s540.

I wanna play conuter strike!!!

I have the same problem but I have a creative labs Anilliator II ultra. Anyone help us?

What are you people talking about? XP comes with OpenGL installed. If you are looking for Hardware accelerated drivers, contact your video card manufacturer for new video drivers.

XP does NOT come with OpenGl Sppt. Its provided only by the display adapters, manufacturers drivers.

Well i think more importanly then, since XP doesnt come with opengl and our cards install them with their own drivers, we need to make the drivers work with the game.

This is the big ass problem most of us have.

Wooo… hold on there.

These are really old cards. Do they support the version of OpenGL that Counter-Strike uses?

Don’t go blaming Windows XP because your card is so old they don’t write proper drivers for it anymore.

In the case of the Diamond Stealth III card, they stopped supporting the card at all. The newest drivers I found were from 2000.

It looks like the Creative Labs Annihilator II Ultra is a GeForce2. You might try the v30.82 drivers from Nvidia.

XP does NOT come with OpenGl Sppt. Its provided only by the display adapters, manufacturers drivers.

Nope, you got it backwards. All versions of Windows since 95 OSR2 have come with the “generic implementation” of OpenGL. This is a software implementation of GL version 1.1 provided by Microsoft. Graphics card manufacturers can provide hardware-accelerated implementations and extensions through the ICD (Installable Client Driver) mechanism. Without the MS-provided opengl32.dll there is no ICD and no OpenGL support.

However, Microsoft wants to replace OpenGL with DX, so they naturally don’t include the graphics card manufacturers’ GL drivers with the OS. You have to get them yourself from the manufacturer’s website. That is, unless your computer manufacturer was nice enough to install them for you (not frikkin’ likely). Even if they did, if you “upgrade” to WinXP, you have to install them again anyway.