xp 64

getting error about my opengl32.dll but help is far and few between. the error i am getting is as follows:

Restriction: Unknown OpenGL Export:
c:\windows\system32\opengl32.dll bdca4595cde0a38f2f09e8316ffb82f5706560

(they way its layed out i am not sure if there is a character space between the aphanumerical string and the filepath)

As far as I know, only Punkbuster produces output like this. If I recall correctly PB creates checksums of some sort and compares them with the checksums of “known-good” OpenGL32.dlls.


a.) PB dosent know the XP64 version yet (no surprise since its still beta).


b.) You are cheating and try to get away with it.

Anyhow this appears to be a Punkbuster related problem and it is off-topic here.

No cheating. I am using xp64 and tried adjusting some settings and got a cvar violation and still got booted but since going from 32 to 64 bit this new “Pre-release” i got for free from microsoft (probably due to the beta test which i guess makes me a beta lab test animal lol). In any case like i was saying i have no tolerance for them cheating bastards and am not one of the top rankers (probably due to that i am not using a cheat and they are) but either way thanks for the input.