X3D to COLLADA converter

Is there an X3D to COLLADA converter? (not COLLADA to X3D like c2x)

we (Media Machines) have a Collada to X3D converter, but not the other way around

How did you get those models in X3D ? Most likely the tools the models where made with has a collada exporter.

Dr. Remi Arnaud from SCEA,(Khronos/COLLADA member) and Tony Parisi of Media Machines Inc. (Web3D board member) have collaborated on a whitepaper that sheds light on the compatible relationship between COLLADA and X3D. Both COLLADA and X3D are royalty-free open standards that use XML schema technology to represent 3D content. This whitepaper will assist developers in understanding the similarities and differences between COLLADA and X3D, the design goals that informed their development, and how and where the two standards can be used together as a powerful tool set for developing Web and enterprise applications.