Working with physics elements

I’m trying to add physics to my new game engine.ColladaRT is a full OpenGL based viewer, but it doesn’t add physics to the scene. .Are there good samples/documentations to work with physics elements of Collada?Note that I use PhysX API for physics simulations.

Collada RT does implement physics, via the Bullet physics engine. IIRC Feeling Viewer has a plugin-able physics architecture, with support for both PhysX and Bullet. I’m not 100% certain about that though… you’d need to ask them for more details.

I couldn’t find bullet in colladaRT. I have read most of the codes, but I actually don’t see physics.Note that I have downloaded the file "" from sourceforge.

That’s an older version of RT. You have two options for getting a newer version that contains physics: (a) Grab the latest version of Collada RT from subversion (I described how to do that in this thread), or (b) run the DOM/FX/RT 1.3.0 installer from the downloads page (direct link).

The organization of the downloads page is extremely confusing. I intend to fix it for the next release.