WolfMpDemo.exe has encountered a problem and now needs to close???

hey…i have a serious problem i have been playin Return To Castle Wolfenstein DEMO Multiplayer (RTCW) for months and then all of a sudden i cant get into the game everytime i try i get a message that unfortunately says that Wolfmpdemo.exe has encountered a problem ( id ont know why this is?) so i decided to install rtcw demo again and again and again and nuthin and its allways the same error it does the same with wolfmp demo test 2 i dont know why this is can anyone help me ill show you a screenshot i took of the error if you e-mail me bryant490@msn.com…please help me i really want to play back in this game please help! thank u

lol, why dont you buy the real game, i belive deoms run out after awhile and they cahse files so you just cant re downlaod them