WinXP & GeForce2 MX200 - 32mb - PROBLEM! HELP!

already downloaded the latest driver from nVIDIA but still having problem w/ Counter-Strike & other games, my PC frequently hangs and automatically restarts. Then reporting, “nVIDIA seems to be the responsible for system instability”. Got any answer?

I am having this same problem… I have done extensive research. I had a 32 meg ddr ati radeon all-in-wonder card. Just switched to the xtasy 64 DDR MX 440 and I am still having a problem. MOH doesn’t see openGL and counterstrike will only let me run in direct 3D mode. There are other problems as well. I just assume XP sucks at running 3D games.

Need help…



I got this same problem with a Leadtek GeForce 2 Pro 64MB DDR… in OpenGL or Direct3D or even playing a video sometimes I get a pinstripe garbled display, sound skips and computer locks up. Disabling OpenGL Extensions in Quake 3 seems to avoid or at least delay this problem but I get a major FPS hit and things get ugly. Tried every version of the nVidia drivers under the sun, currently running the newest ones off their website, still no luck.

yeah i get the same lockup playing any mod of hl or hl itself, d3d seems to fix it but then i get crap fps…
. opengl = 60 fps
. d3d = 20 fps

but i think it has something to do with the motherboards… me and my brother have the same graphics card, geforce4 mx 440… he has a faster cpu but he also has a a7v266-e Asus motherboard… really, its the only thing that could make the difference.

And yes we’re both running Xp home.