wine vs. windows (CounterStrike)

I was led to this forum in my quest to get OpenGL running for Linux Mandrake 8.0/ with my ATI RADEON, I think I have a grasp on how to get it to fly now ( I have already Installed the Mesa3d & glx libs ) apparently I need XFree86 4.1.0 (=)> Hopefully… ANYWAY I can run CounterStrike under wine, but I can see the screen refresh (hence previous) I can not nor could I ever connect to a game in Windows 98 same machine same hardware (dual boot) anybody have an answer to this dilemma? In windows it says “Connection failed Retried 4 times” using wine in Linux it connects on the first try!! I have tried running in a console on Windows even uninstalled IPX protocol and removed bindings (Linux didn’t use IPX), as a possible solution. Lemme know your thoughts… Oh, it is the full retail version of CounterStrike (via HL Platinum Edition), cant connect to HL games either… same sitch. It makes me laugh to think that a program for windows wont run under windows but will run using a windows emulator… If you can help me get it going using Win98 help would still be appreciated there, elsewise thanks for reading and enjoy your day. If I cant get the OpenGL stuff to work I’ll probably have another post about that and nvidia_linux, I’m looking at you!! =)>

Do not look at me since I do no not know what is wrong.
I think that some Radeon driver has problem running halflife with OpenGL but Direct3D should work. ATI is updating the drivers regulary so it may be fixed. This should be in the release notes from ATI.
Do not overestimate the network capability of win9x.
It has been several posts from Radeon owners about HL and network problems so probably is it some kind of connection…?
I do not understand what it may be since this should be two separate sub systems. You can check the system in the control panel for hardware conflicts.

I heard that the new XFree86 now has drivers for hw accelerated OpenGL with Radeon.
This is pretty new so it may be some problems but very good anyway that this is now possible.