windows xp pro/ lost opengl functions

Hello All,
I have a 1.7 Ghz p4 system with a geforce4 ti 4600 3d bd with winxp pro and it’s been running fine, and then
a couple of days ago, any/all opengl games/apps
stopped running, I downloaded a diagnostic program, and it states there are no opengl functions on my system. A error message I got
from a game was ‘unable to create gl context’.
I have scanned my system for viruses, (none found), re-installed the latest drivers from nvidia’s site, still doesn’t work (but direct3d/directx apps run fine), just to make sure it wasn’t a bad video bd, I took it in to my workplace (computer repair company) and tested it there with the same drivers and it ran fine. So at the moment, I’m stumped, any ideas?

Fixed it, all I did was turn off ‘matlab.exe’ & ‘matlab server’…


Thank you!!
I have the same problem, and it’s usefull!!