Win98SE, Directx and openGL conflicts

Running Windows 98 Second Edition. Primary video adapter is SiS 6326AGP and Secondary card is Canopus Pure 3D (Voodoo 1). Using Directx8. As you all know, lots of new games are openGL/Glide compatible. I downloaded openGL from this site and just about every game I have that uses 3D just locks up with a blank screen. After an unsuccessful uninstall, had to format the hard drive and start fresh only for it to happen again. This time I was lucky enough to go about uninstalling it correctly and getting my system back, but w/o openGL. If anyone has had or heard of this, please help me out! Thank you in advance…

AFAIK, you’re unlikely to get OpenGL working with your system. I think that the 6326 doesn’t support OpenGL, and the Voodoo 1 is likely to work with old miniGL games, but I think that there’s a high probability it won’t work with newer games.

Since it seems that you have AGP support in your computer, I’d suggest getting a new card. Even $30 will get you something that is much better than both your cards.

Thank you ET3D for the reply. I agree that I should get a better card. Right now, money is extremely tight where I’m at and I have what people give me when they upgrade; should tell me something, huh, lol. Anyways, after some playin around these past few days, I have found that the 6326 does NOT support openGL in any way. It does support Glide (I thought they both were the same thing). The Voodoo 1 does fully support GL and the system is running with no lockups since I did some playin around, but when running 3D games on the Voodoo, the graphics are really faster, but there’s no color to them whatsoever. The graphics on the 6326 are really good, surprisingly, but slower. Guess I’ll have to wait for the better cards, unless you know what’s causing my “no-color” deal on the Voodoo.

No colour? As in black and white? I have no idea.

Sounds strange to me also that the SiS 6326 supports Glide. Glide is something that 3dfx created for the Voodoo cards. It’s not OpenGL.

I hope you find some money sometime. $30 is less than the price of a game.

Thanks. Yea sometime I’ll even be able to buy a real game. All I got are burned copies and demo’s. Anyhow, about color, it’s more like grey scale only. Almost white with little traces of grey outlining the objects. And according to Sis manual, my card supports Glide 1.0 and up. It is weird huh? I’m learning alot more now about my conflicts, however, an age old problem has risen. After a game, I lose my sound and have to reset. Just more problems; probably between Directx8.1 and my SB16 card. Later…

Hey all, just incase you want to know how I solved my problem, I did a complete re-install of everything and used DirectX 7.0a this time and my Pure3D Voodoo card worked just fine! I hope this is able to help someone else out that may ever have the same problem.