Win98 No Games Work In Opengl Just Blank Screen

Just Installed Win98 I Have A Monster 3D 1 & Put Quake2 Half-life & Unreal On, Got The Win98 Voodoo 1 Drivers From 3dfx’s Web Site &
Started Up Half-life Then Just A Blank Screen
Came Up Tried Quake2 & Unreal All Just A Blank Screen That Crashes The System & Have To Reboot Then I Installed The Opengl Drivers
From The Glsetup Web Site The Same Thing Happens Every Time I Start Up A Game In Opengl Just A Blank Screen Comes Up Even The 3dfx Donut Demo Doesn’t Work Has Anyone Else Ever Had This Problem With Win98
Cause This Never Ever Happend When I Had Win95 Installed.

Wow–I have the EXACT same problem. Unable to run ANYTHING opengl… monitor just loses picture.

Anyone else have any ideas on this? It’s driving me nuts…


The GLsetup drivers screwed up my system royally… but the latest 3DFX drivers seemed to fix all of the problems I was having with OpenGL on my V3-2000