Win2k + Voodoo Banshee + Half-Life + openGL = big problem

Hello everybody,

I have tried to run Half-Life under Win2k and this is my problem:

I have Quantum 3D AGP Raven video card based on the Voodoo Banshee chipset. Therefore, in order to run this card I need openGL. For these Voodoo cards I need to select 3DFX mini driver in option menu. It works in Win 98. But it fails to recognize installed openGL components in Win2k. I have checked the files and I do not see anything that would object openGL to run. I need to run a server in Win2k and you know that running server in Win 98 is not safe.

Any suggestions?

I have been fighting with this whole weekend and, pleeeaaasse I need some answers.

Thanks in advance

P.S. I can post what kind of error it gives me when I start single player in Half-life.

go to and download the windows xp drivers

I am talking about Windows 2000, not Windows XP.

Also I heard that Voodoo Banshee drivers do not support miniGL. However, Quantum 3D AGP Raven drivers support miniGL.

you still should goto
It has ALL drivers you could even think of for 3dfx cards.
And 99.999999% of XP drivers also work on w2k!

I had the same exact problem and I downloaded and installed the drivers at this location and I’m once again owning in Counter-Strike and Half-Life…

Hope that helps.