Win2k and Counter Strike

I am new at this forum, hence I am not sure if this problem was listed…

I am running win2k on Tbird 1.2 with 256 ram and Asus Geforce2mx tvout on a A7v Asus mobo. Whenever I set my graphics mode to opengl and start an online game, run forward, the game freezes. This happened in win98 SE ONCE as well. Please help! Thanx in advance

If you can play the game offline has the problem most likely nothing to do with OpenGL.

I don’t play counter strike offline, but the game just freezes sometimes, sometimes it works perfectly.

make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your computer. Not as to disappoint you, OpenGL, is not supported by Win2k. whatever opengl compatible driver your manufacturer gives you, is what your stuck with.

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I have used the TNT2 card with DX8 in W2000 pro, and it does work.

One thing we found is that W2000 does NOT support ATA 100 drives. This is about the same as the VIA + AMD + Western Digital HD problem: The newer busmaster drivers (past 4in1 v 16) make the computer crash.

Your problem is related to the MB and/or W2000 dealing with your HD. I would suggest that you attach the normal HD cable and/or move to W98. ATA 100 does not work with W2000.

Also, I have seen some MBs that will corrupt the hard drive in W2000 even with a normal cable and ATA 66/100 turned off.

It’s like my TNT problem: If you turn on Write Cache Pipeline in the BIOS, the TNT/VIA/AMD (? which one ?) will make the system lock up.

Newer drivers sometimes cause more problems than they fix…

Try going back to some 98 / 99 / 0 drivers instead of the drivers from this year.

Thanks for all the input guys

I think I have the latest drivers, not sure if I should go with the beta detonator though.

Also, I have Promise Ultra ATA 100 controller working perfectly in win2k (knock on wood)