Win2000 opengl problems

Yipppeee, another one to add to the forum with problems with win2k. Im running a 16meg Creative TNT

I installed win2k on my PC last night, and went looking for the glsetup.exe file. I found it, and then found that it only supports Win9x. I then went looking, and read that win2k comes with opengl 1.1. Im still getting the Quake 3 “could not run opengl subsystem” error, and in halflife im getting a “your card does not support opengl” error. Both of which didnt occur when i was running win98SE. I’m going to try the Win.ini trick tonight, but if this fails, does anyone else have any idea how to fix this?

Search for a line that says “DVA=0” (without quotes).
Add a semicolon ( before the DVA (The line should now look like this: “;DVA=0” (without quotes))

Cheers guys, any help would be much appreciated!..

The implementation of OpenGL that ships with Win2k is a software renderer (well, this was the case in Win98 too). To run Q3A, you need drivers that support hardware rendering. These kind of drivers is (mainly) only available from the card/chip manufacturer’s site. In your case, you should look at either Creative’s of nVidia’s site for drivers. I really recomend you download nVidia’s reference drivers.