wildcat realizm

just wondering…can i play doom 3 with my wildcat realizm 200, since i bought this card i often use it for maya 5 application and never try to play game
thanks for any comments :slight_smile:

This and the realizm 800 are the only cards that can run Doom3 with ultrahigh details (and no slowdowns due to texture swapping) that I am aware of.

So yes, you can play Doom3 without problems :slight_smile:

wow thanks i really appreciate your comments, i never thought this card could play doom3, but one more question if i may…as i said before i often used this card for Maya 5 and on the 3Dlabs optimized program i set “Optimized for Maya”, do i have to set to “entertainment software” of just leave it with maya optimized, because there is a warning from 3DLabs regarding optimized program which is said “Optimized setting may overwrite changes made on the OpenGL and directX pages”

i promise i won’t ask another question :slight_smile: , and have fun with doom3 with wildcat realizm 200


You are welcome :slight_smile:

But to answer your question:

I guess that the “optimized for enterainment” settings trades image quality for speed. I personaly favor image quality, so I would not mess with the settings and mostlikly Doom3 will run just fine no matter which setting you choose.

If you find Doom3 running to slow you can always try differend settings later.

I don’t really know what does “entertainment software” means in terms of optimizations, but it looks like a good guess.

The warning you talk about may mean that the optimized settings can be fine tuned in an other part of the driver config.

Please, can you post results (fps, visual feedback etc) of your gaming experience with this card ?
Especially, is there the “heat wave” and “distorted glass” effects ?

Wow, I just found this comparison:


Looks like I was terrible wrong with regards towards Doom3 and the Wildcat. I never thought that a 512MB professional card would perform that horrible.

I am sorry for giving you false advice.

it is sad indeed…but thanks anyway for any comments and advice, i also have just receive an e-mail from 3dlabs tech support, saying that wildcat realizm is solely made for the purpose of profesional DCC,CAD and they haven’t test it on 3D Game and not recommended using for game…it’s okay at least when i use Maya apps this card still run like hell…

once again…thanks guys :slight_smile:

Wow! That is incredibly bad.
It must be some aspect of Doom 3 that is bringing it to it’s knees like the shadows or shaders.

tata, did you try it?