Why no one hires juniors in Graphics Programming?

I understand the nature of the topic. I know it’s essentially complicated,hard, and demands deep knowledge. But companies have different sizes,budges and projects. Why doesn’t peaple (almost) never hires juniors in graphics programming? . I mean, how those peaple got in that position in the first place lol.

I am not an entrepreneur or a recruiter to know the definitive answer, but trying to answer your question, I think that difficulty in finding a first job in graphics programming, comparing to previous years, may be due to global economic situation. Tech companies fire many people these days and try to save money. Increasing usefulness of AI tools in programming may also make this situation worse.

To increase the chance of having valuable resume on the job market, I think it is worth thinking what kinds of experience would look best. For example, having your own hobby 3D engine on GitHub may be better than years of experience, even in paid work, as a programmer doing something completely different, e.g. coding embedded systems in C or some front-end/back-end web development.

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I understand.Too bad it is like this. I do work on my own custom engine btw.

In my opinion it is because of the risk of failing. Not sure but I’ve worked in such company and they didn’t have time to teach juniors