Why is it so dark?

Ok in the past I have tried to run games (UT, Q3A) in OpenGL but it’s so dark I had to use D3D. Well I just downloaded Star Trek Elite Force which only runs in OpenGL and I can’t see to play it! This problem has existed with various video cards and also with Win98. I currently am running W2K and a Geforce 256DDR (Annihilator Pro) with Detonator 3 version 631 drivers. I seriously doubt the 7.17’s will change anything. Any ideas?

Well the 7.17’s changed nothing so I put my Evil Kyro in and got the same results. I tried adjusting the gamma slider with no change either. Can someone give me a clue?

If your driver’s gamma correction isn’t changing anything, who knows? Sounds like the driver is either not doing what it’s supposed to, or the software you’re running is overriding things somehow. It’s got to be one of the two. Wierd thing is, you said it works fine in D3D…

Thx for your response Punchey. It is greatly appreciated.

Or may be your monitor is getting old ?