Why does warcraft 3 crash on my GeForce 2 MX400

I have a celeron 1.7G with an MX400 64MB Ram. My computer has 256DDR Ram. Every time I try to run warcraft3 my WIN 98 kicks me back to desktop after the intro movie. I also have WIN XP installed and the same thing happens there, except that I get an error message saying that “the memory could not be read” or something. I have downloaded the latest drivers from nVIDIA for both systems but it still doesn’t run. SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!

I guess that´s pretty much not an opengl problem …but you try getting the lastes drivers for your card

Check if the game is correctly installed( and all the needed files have been copied) or if there´s no problem with the game disc.

Same problem for me too.
Have to quit Warcraft after playing for some time and after the movie plays.Seems that playing the game uses up quite a bit of mem and playing the cinematics takes up what mem is left so that the game crashes when it requests more mem.
Try quitting the game and then restarting it after every 2/3 stages.