Why does OpenCL freeze my entire OS?

When trying to process a “large” images (of size 1920x1080) using a simple box blur filter, or even print a large array, my whole OS freezes , and I cannot do anything (not even move the mouse) until the processing finishes. Why is OpenCL doing this? I have set the blocking mode to be CL_TRUE when outputting the buffers, so I understand that it will block my application thread. But I don’t understand why it blocks my whole pc? FYI I have a GTX 760 card (set as my default device), and I am using OpenCL v1.2 with the cpp bindings. Any ideas why this might be happening?

You’re running your kernels on the GTX 760, yes?
You’re rendering your display with the GTX 760, yes?

Not sure of the specifics of your situation, but in my experience this is pretty standard behavior when a GPU warp/wavefront takes too long to execute. At some point (sometimes configurable), the OS will assume a GPU freeze, reset the GPU, kill your app, and return shared use of the GPU to the entire system.

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