Why does D3D suck compared to OGL?

I see everyone who owns a geforce brags about Dx8 and all that crap and I must say it is WAY overrated. The topic is really about why whenever you have a choice in a game between OGL or D3D, OGL always outperforms D3D EVERYTIME. Take the following games for example–HL and counter strike–I get 80 to 99 fps in OGL @1024 res compared to 50 in D3D, Unreal T 150 fps@1024 res in Glide(ok not OGL but same difference :-)), and I have played the Operation Flashpoint demo and get a very smooth fps in Glide (i know i know) but play it in D3D and choppy as hell. Not to mention a lot of other games I have played. Like Max Payne, which I found extremely mediocre and not all that great graphic wise–over rated. Now imagine if they had progammed it in OGL and you would probably see a MAJOR improvement in fps. Not to mention I do not see any difference in quality at all really. Just my 2-cents worth. I think MS is in a conspiracy to get rid OGL platform–everyone hypes the nVidia cards as DX8 etc, but no one says anything about OGL compatibility. Just like everything MS, it is too gluted with extra crap that no one uses or cares to use–anyoe use WinME and edited videos? I think not. If I wanted to edit videos I would just buy or download progs to do it and not rely on MS crap.