Which video card supports anti alias?

When I use google’s sketchup (free), diagonal lines have jaggies (not the rendered view, but the working view).

I look in the preference setting and the opengl dialog shows two video capabilities both with 0x in the anti alias column.

I went to nvidia and updated the driver, but no anti alias capabilities shows up in sketchup. The nvidia control panel implies the capabilities are there – there are settings to force 4x, 6x, antialiasing, although setting those also have no improvement.

So, does my video card support antialiasing? If not, is there a way to add software anti-aliasing?

It’s a 1GB video card using nvidia geforce 9500GT chip.

The chipset spec is here:

How can I figure out the anti-aliasing capabilities from the spec? Especially if I want to buy a new video card?