which video card on notebook?

hi everyone!
i’m going to buy a notebook in next one ore two months, but i stil have not decided which video card should it incorporate.
A mobility radeon 9800 pro with 256 mb seems to be the best at the moment, but i read on forums that nVidia cards usually perform better with openGL.
Is it true?
Is there a nVidia card which performs like a 9800 for notebooks?
I’ve heard geforce6800 go and radeon x800 mobile should be soon available, but i think the price won’t be something i can afford.
Any suggestions?
thanks to averyone
(sorry for my english :slight_smile: )

All I know is that some games that use GL like Doom 3 perform better on Nvidia than on ATI.
For other games and software like CAD, I don’t know.

The thing to remember with laptops is that you need to go to other sites (not ati.com or nvidia.com) to download the latest drivers.
And the manufacturer of the latops don’t upadte the drivers on their sites very often.

You need to go to a site like omegadrivers.com

good luck!

Actually it is www.omegadrivers.net.

Which 3d chip to choose is highly depend on what you want to do with it (and your personal preferences) since I dont either of them I cant give a recommendation.