Which Nvidia Driver best for OpenGL ?

Hello Everyone

 Like countless others here I to have the common " Can't Load OpenGL Subsytem" symthom with Jedi Knight 2. While there's been a few fixes there's been one suggestion about downloading the latest driver at Nvidia.Others have said to go back to an older version. I'd like to hear from those who have games working what they're using. I'm using the 40.72's from Nvivdia with Win 98se on a Leadtek Ti4200 and having no luck.I can't believe that a version not that old would be the cause all the opengl problems going on.Is anyone using the latest from Nvidia and having any success?


I have tried all the detonator drivers with my p3 733 win98 w 128ddr3ti200. The most stable out of these i find is the 30.82.
Their is a utility to use before installing the new detonator drivers called the detonator destroyers. I had big problems with MOHAA Spearhead and this has seemed to solve the open Gl subsystem problem.

good luck