Which is Better?? Eclipse or Microsoft Visual studio??


I’m the beginner in openvg. I Was in a dilemma to choose between Eclipse and Microsft Visual studio to build an application for windows or linux. Can anybody help me by suggesting the good solution of which latest version can be used to work…


First of all, choose which operating system you are targeting. Choosing between platforms is tricky as they have completely different ways of doing things. Dithering with what OS to use can be counter-productive. Choose which one is the best fit for your needs, then research on which tools, api’s you should be up to scratch with (for windows winapi, linux xlib egl,etc).
If you are aiming at Windows OS, then you are best bet is going with the latest Visual Studio. If you are going cross-platform (Windows, Linux Based OS, OSX), Eclipse or Code::Blocks are good all-round solutions.
For Linux Based OS, again Eclipse or Code::Blocks are excellent choices depending on your skill set and experience with the Linux infrastructure. Linux is more technical in how you manage your coding, but overall more coding friendly (depending on your experience).