Which driver


Could you tell me which driver should I use (running OpenCL on Qadro 140M NVS)? There are some “developer” drivers on this site: [i]http://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit-32-downloads[/i]

As you can see latest version for notebooks with windows 7 is 260.99.

But simple OpenCL example (operations on arrays) also work with “normal” driver (latest version is 267.76.) downloaded from [i]Page Not Found | NVIDIA

So I’m wondering where is the difference between these drivers and which one to use (to not have any problems which could be caused by wrong drivers).

I have had good luck with the release drivers, as the developer drivers don’t seem to work as well with OpenCL as they do for CUDA (they probably havn’t touched the OpenCL drivers in a long while, sigh).

As for the difference between the developer and release drivers:
“The developer driver is released with the Toolkit and is intended to have wide support for all CUDA capable devices. On the other hand the drivers on the main driver page are released as appropriate; the main drivers have full support for CUDA, but each one may support a subset of devices.”

So I will go with drivers from the main driver page. Thanks for answer.

With newest 270.61 drivers once again I have problems running OpenCL code.

So just to let you know - it seems we can’t assume standard driers will always work.

I heard the problems (also crashes) are due to the hashrate not to the standard drivers per se.