where t.f. is my opengl32.dll???

I own the only computer in a 1 km radius that doesn’t have opengl support.
This is rather strange, as it uses a NVidia RIVA TNT 2 M64, which supports opengl.
I tried to install Detonators(21.82), but it only included nvopengl.dll, which I don’t need.
=> the opengl32.dll file is missing.
Does anyone know how to get the newest opengl32.dll (+other dlls that might be needed) from NVidia?

Hello The Ultramage,

Which operating system are you running? Have you tried looking in your Window/System folder for the OpenGL32.dll? Have you tried looking in your WINNT/System32 folder for the OpenGL32.dll? Have you done a search on your machine for that file? I do have an OpenGL SDK Installer on my website BlueDev , but it does not include the OpenGL32.dll file, but it does contain some other OpenGL files.

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I’m running on a W98 SE; the file isn’t there.
Father said that he worked with opengl once and I do remember that opengl worked on the comp before… it’s just been missing the last half year…

BTW: how does opengl get installed on the comp? I have considered reinstalling Windows, but I’m not sure it’ll help.

I’d be glad if some of you guys advised me what to do as I have no expertise in handling graphics drivers.