Where can I just get the latest Opengl32.dll

I don’t want to run Opengl setup because it reinstalls my videocard drivers…I just want the Opengl32.dll files (latest please) to put into my game folder…ok?

so where is it?


The latest opengl32.dll is the one you get when you install Windows. There is no place you can download a new one, nor should you. Leave opengl32.dll be in it’s current place. Messing with it too much might cause OpenGL not to work properly.

Well, GLSetups whole concept is to install new display drivers for your card. If you don’t want new display drivers, the don’t run GLSetup.

It would not do any good to place the opengl32.dll file in your game folder. The OpenGL you are using is the one you got with the drivers for your videocard.

When your game starts is opengl32.dll loaded but if you have hardware supported OpenGL is the functions from the manufacturers OpenGL implementation used.