When I press escape in OpenGL Half-Life...

Hi. I have an annoying problem which I have somehow managed to fix on one computer, but have been unable to do so on my new one.

The problem is this:
When I press escape in OpenGL Half-Life, the monitor seems to change resolution back to 640x480 (I think), but then it just stays black. System restart required.

I’m okay in OpenGL 640x480, Software in any res and Direct3D in any res. It seems to occur only in OpenGL resolutions above 640x480.

Win XP
ATI Radeon 9500
Latest Catalyst 3.2 drivers

I had exactly the same problem on a similar system (ATI Radeon 7200), and I somehow managed to get rid of the problem by uninstalling/reinstalling Half-Life and the ATI drivers. I did this mere days ago - but this doesn’t seem to be working on my new machine.



I’ve just read this at http://firingsquad.gamers.com/hardware/catalyst_3.2/default.asp :

Unfortunately however, one new issue that has cropped up is with Half-Life engine games and OpenGL. Dropping the console or pressing “Esc” to return to the main menu causes the system to hang, requiring a complete reboot. This also affects the mods such as Counter-Strike (the most popular game online), Team Fortress Classic, Natural Selection, and Day of Defeat (among others), so this is a pretty important issue that needs to be resolved quickly.

ATI must know about it I suppose. If only I could work out why it’s now working on my other computer!

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[This message has been edited by Moleman (edited 03-26-2003).]

I have the same problem, lets kick the catalyst developer teams ass and see if it helps

Yea i have a 9500 pro and same thing happens, they better fix it fast its starting to annoy me only does it on the 3.2 driver but on my cd driver that came with it, i get 10 fps lower usually on Benchmark 3D 2003


Have you tried Catalyst 3.1? I downloaded and installed this from ATI’s website, and everything seems okay.


Thanks a lot !!!

3.1 version works fine , yihaaa !