what soft combination to use? (simulator)

Hi All,
I’m begynner of OpenGL + experienced 3d modeller (Blender). I have a 3d simulation application of plane panel (in c++) with a lot of logic around. I would like to remake the panel - to be more 3D realistic (real time shadows, etc.).

My question is that what would be the best way to make it? Because of I want to remake only the panel I need that the new panel is a dll.

My idea is to model all 3d objects of the panel in Blender, then import it to OpenGL (where I would create shadows, textures and button logic)and then pack it in dll.

Please do you think that it is a good decision? How long it might take to make the shadows and button logic in OpenGL (for a begynner?). Or can you recommend something else?

thank you in advance.

What is “plane panel”? Are you proficient with programming?

I think he means an airplane’s cockpit. Pushable buttons, knobs etc. that are also LEDs.

Miroslav, first make an .exe version. You should learn/refresh some stuff about 4x4 matrix math, object/world/eye(camera)/clip-space. I’m just wondering whether to recommend shaders - for so-so shadows, you can be fine without shaders.
I’d recommend using just about any readily-available library/engine, as there’s a lot of code to be written: initialization, game-loop, loading of textures, importing of 3D-model files, etc. (oh well, maybe just about 2k lines).

many thanks for replies

  • yes

I’d recommend using just about any readily-available library/engine,
Please can you recommend one? I was thinking for example about ogre - but I would like to have the code in a ‘standard’ and ‘long term’ logic and I don’t know if we will use for example ogre in 2-3 years. That is why I was thinking more about straight openGL.

2-3 years means “everything is shaders”, imho :slight_smile:
I would recommend Leadwerks’ engine - it’s commercial (very cheap actually), and produces cutting-edge graphics easily. You can remake DeadSpace-quality graphics with it, straight off the bat.
Then, there is Ogre, which someone here described just like I think it is: overly-complex, doesn’t allow to customize it easily, but is perfect for its creators’ purposes. It can do a lot, and has only a few misses - so the limit is not noticeable.
There are many more engines, and several toolkits. I never used any of them, so someone else should point you to them. I prefer the harder and time-taking way of learning all about the subject :slight_smile:

here you mean openGL?