What is the current state of OpenVG?

I have a project that I’m working on that would benefit from use of OpenVG. However, I’m having trouble finding information about what state OpenVG is in. (I’m working on a desktop not a embedded application if that makes a difference.)

I having trouble finding an implementation to use. I found ShivaVG and AmanithVG, either of which would meet my needs, but it looks like neither of them have been worked on in a year. What’s going on with OpenVG?

Best to ask those vendors what their status is.
Mesa has released an OpenVG driver recently.
The Amanith driver may not have been updated recently (neither has the spec), but their implementation seems fairly solid.

OpenVG seems to have been welcomed more with open arms on embedded devices though. Until AMD or nVidia release drivers for it with their cards, I don’t see the situation changing much.
(I’m not affiliated with Khronos, so take this opinion for what it’s worth - that of just another observer)