What 'GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem' means

It seems half the problems are with people not knowing what this means.
It means the part of quake 3 that deals with graphics couldn’t load any hardware-accelerated graphics drivers. If you are getting this error, check you have the latest drivers for your graphics card by going to the homepage for it (www.nvidia.com, www.creative.com, etc… you might want to try www.glsetup.com, too).
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OH well…sorry to disapoint you tough guy but if we didnt try all the things you said we wouldnt write to this site…besides if you think that I DUNNO how to install drivers well…u’ll have 2 think that 90% of the people here dont…but 'cauze 90% of the people here KNOW very well how to do so…so get a better idea next time…please REPLY

How do you get .dll files to work without a setup.exe proggy of openGL?
Basically, I just got a file called opelgl.dll and I dunno how to install it!

You basically install a .DLL-file by placing it in the system directory (windows/system or winnt/system32), thats all.

Anyways, the subsystem-problem basically means you either need better/newer drivers for your video board, or a completely new board because the one you got isn’t good enough.

but I’ve done that and opengl still doesnt work!

Once you placed the file in the system directory, it should be ready to be used. However, opengl.dll is a software renderer from SGI, and is mostly used for experimental purpose. I suggest you don’t use it unless you specifically WANT to. Almost all OpenGL programs uses opengl32.dll instead, so opengl.dll won’t give you anything you don’t have.

Tell us more about your problem. What happens, when does it happed, does it works, but works slow, does it give you any error messages?