what does input-array and output-array mean?

At one point at a COLLADA file, I have this describing the camera animation…

<float_array count="5" id="Camera-rotateX-input-array">0.04000 2.64000 5.52000 8.56000 11.60000</float_array>

and then

<float_array count="5" id="Camera-rotateX-output-array">90.00000 90.00000 90.00000 90.00000 90.00000</float_array>

what does that mean? and how the exporter got these values from the keyframe (value, time) pairs?

If these are bezier, are they calculated for each two consecutive keyframes (in my animation example I have 5 keyframes).


It’s doesn’t mean anything without a enough context. I.e. all that you’ve shown means there are two arrays of float data in your document.

You have to look at the <animation> element as a whole to understand what it is describing according to the specification.