What are the top 4 video cards?

I’m a gamer and love performance over cheapness. I haven’t bought a card in a couple of years, so I’m curious…what 4 cards do gamers out there consider the best?

My choices would probably be:

  1. nVidia GeForce2 GTS
  2. 3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 or 5500
    3 & 4. ATI Radeon and nVidia GeForce256

Those would be my personal preferences. I’m not sure about the Radeon and the GeForce256 because I haven’t really heard much about the Radeon. ATI claims it’s as good or better than the Voodoo 5 or the GTS, but I haven’t seen any comparisons. In my opinion, the GeForce2 has support for more extensions and options than the Voodoo 5, and might be better for upcoming games. On the other hand, the Voodoo 5 seems to give better quality on current games that don’t use the extra perks that the GeForce2 can provide. The Voodoo 5, GeForce2 GTS, and the Radeon will probably cost you about $500 Canadian ($350 - $400 US).

The top 4 video cards eh?

  1. Any Geforce 2 GTS 64MB card($410)

  2. Any Geforce 2 GTS 32MB card($350)

  3. Any Geforce 32MB DDR card($270)

  4. Any TNT2 Ultra 32MB card($140)

Performance over cheapness?
There are more chips out there than nVidia’s.

To name more cards/chips:

Quadro (chip from nVidia, more or less same as GeForce, card from http://www.elsa.com about $1000 )
Oxygene (series of chips from 3DLabs, http://www.3dlabs.com )
Lightning/Tornado (series of cards from Evans&Sutherland, http://www.es.com , about $1300 )
Wildcat (series of chips from Intergraph, http://www.intergraph.com )

Haven’t seen them in action, but as far as I understand, they are all as good as GeForce.

The question should have been best bang for the buck. cause i will take a $250 geforce over a $1000 quadro anyday of the week (that is if im paying for it, so if some out there wants to give me a quadro feel free to do so )


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