What am I doing wrong?

Hi all

I’ve written my own Collada importer for my engine. Almost every scene I import works just fine, but there is one exception!


The issue is that all the “SidePanelA” and “SidePanelB” elements are positioned incorrectly, despite everything else being perfect.

Here is how it should look (3DS Max 2015):

Here is how it appears in my renderer:

GLC_Player completely screws up with this model:

And I also noticed that the webGL collada viewer at http ://tech.vg.no/demos/webgl-model-viewer/ has the same issue as my importer.

Second Life imports better but still not right:

https ://dl.dropboxusercontent .com/u/29850039/capsuleSL.png

The model imports fine into: Max, Maya, Blender.

If anyone might be able to suggest what I’m missing with processing this file, I would be very very grateful!