WebGL Tiling and Mipmapping issues

In order to combine many shapes into a much smaller group of meshes I am utilising a tiling atlas. However there are problems with this because of mipmapping.

Even with a significant border area on the tiles eventually all the tiles mipmap into a single pixel and have therefore merged into a single tile.
Currently my border area is 12.5% of the tile size all the way around.

Due to many issues relating to working directly from the internet it would be very nice to be able to use tiling effectively. This means either:

dynamic sampler arrays.
Or a tile atlas.

Tile atlas should be the easiest to impliment, however as far as I can see there does not seem to be any access to the GL_TEXTURE_MIN_LOD and GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LOD settings. Which could be use to prevent all the tiles merging into one.

Is this feature likely to ever be available?

Oh I understand that I can overcome the problem by reducing the tiles to 1/4 size and having each tile being in a quad and sampling from the middle. But this does seem an excesssive use of graphics :stuck_out_tongue:

And in theory it can still eventually bleed into a single pixel but at such extreme range that it probably makes no difference.