WebGL failure with Opera

I’ve downloaded the latest Opera 12.00 release, which should support WebGL:

When I try to run this demo http://aleksandarrodic.com/p/jellyfish/, for example, it fails with a message “Your browser doesn’t appear to support WebGL”.

It also fails with any other page written with WebGL I’ve tried. In one failure, the message was that it failed to get WebGL context.

I have installed directX and I should also mention that it works in my computer with Chrome and Firefox, so it is not a hardware problem.

In addition, in opera:config I have WebGL enabled.

I have the following Graphics card:
Intel(R) HD Graphics

Any clews to what might be the problem?
Please help me cause I’m desperate at this stage.


I also meet this failure,my experience is: some version success,some fail.
Opera-Next-12.00-1105 is good with WebGL, others may fail. I don’t know why some newer version also fail.