Want to implement EGL APIs

Hi All,
I am looking forward to implement all approx 34 Apis of EGL.
I am facing some problem.
Can anybody help me in that.

First problem is what to return from eglcreatewindowsurface api?
I have created one native window, how native window and egl surfaces are associated to each other.

Looking forward some help guys.


I would assume that that value is dependent on the EGL implementation. If you’re implementing your own version of EGL, then you can define how that value is used internally however you like. For instance, you could have eglCreateWindowSurface() return a pointer to some surface object that you’ve created, but is just cast into an EGLSurface handle.

I got this idea after posting it on forum.
I m doing that only :slight_smile:
anyways thnx for replying :slight_smile: