Voodoo3 Insta-Quit to Desktop

Greetings all. Up until today I’ve been having intermittent problems with my OpenGL / Glide games quitting to the desktop (Deus Ex, Homeworld[s]). I say quitting and not crashing per se because there is no error message nor side effects besides needing to reboot before the video mode is usable again.

Today I finally bought Crimson Skies, and the bugger will not give me 10 seconds of flight time before quitting. I have tried the usual compatibility slider tweaking, refresh rate adjustments, and even running in software mode, but all is crash.

I’m willing to try a different driver for it, but not blindly; since everything else works so gosh darn perfectly. Any advice (besides buying a GeForce) is appreciated. Please be so kind as to e-mail me as well. Thanks a tonne.

My vitals:
CPU AMD Athlon 850MHz, overclocked to 952MHz on a Gigabyte MB
Win98 SE, 256M RAM, Direct X 8
3dfx VooDoo3 PCI, driver date 11-10-2000
3dfx16v3.drv (Uncertified)
3dfx tools
Typical resolution 800x600 @ 16bpp @ 85 or 120Hz


(And if you know of a command switch to skip the opening movies in Skies, that would also be useful.)

Gak, apologies! My card is a VooDoo 3 3000 PCI. Oh, and yes I did try using GLSetup some time ago, but it was very unsuccessful.

lol… GLSetup never helped me w/ anything either!

Anyway… I have a V3 3000 AGP, and W2k, and usually I recommend the V3 Omega drivers (www.voodoofiles.com)

HOWEVER, x3dfx JUST released new V3 drivers for W9x/ME (they’re calling them v1.08.03). They should be better overall than the Omega, but I can’t try them since I have W2K, not 9x/ME.

So my advice is to goto www.x3dfx.com and d/l the new v1.08.03 drivers… they should work great because x3dfx know what they’re doing.

P.S. while writing this post, www.x3dfx.com was down for some reason, so if you can’t get onto their site, post it, and i’ll email you the drivers.

I got the samt thing as well, when i use OpenGL to play CS, it just flicks backt o desktop, and alo the color would be screwed up…

I use
Voodoo 3
Intel 800mhz

Original Poster:
I notice your system is heavily overclocked. You’re probably tired of hearing this, but honestly the first thing that comes to mind is to try resetting your system to the default clock speed and see if your problems go away.

Thanks folks!
Chromebender: You’re right, it’s worth the first try. (Though I don’t think 12% is heavily overclocked.)
Villan007: voodoofiles is a cool site, but no I can’t get to x3dfx. Let me know what the file size for those drivers are, and we can work something out.