Voodoo2 & Halflife *Please HELP*

Halflife won’t work with 3Dfx Mini OpenGl driver,I get the error 'This card dson’t support OpenGl", I have tried the “win.ini” thing but mine dosn’t contain the line “DVA=0”.

But the 3Dfx mini driver will work if i don’t update my version of Half-Life… did they stuff the halflife update!!! or is there a way to fix this…

Please help,


Download the Win 2000 Beta drivers from www.3dfx.com when done copy the the 3dfxvgl.dll to halflife\gldrv dir, then add this to drvmap.txt (3dfxvgl.dll 3Dfx Win 2k Driver. Load HL and config the video options and choose the new driver and you can play HL with win 2k v2 drivers

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dude thnx man
i would have never figured it out
the win2k drivers are so much better
i thought my card stopped working but you saved it.
thnx again

your post got me thinking, instead of downloading and installing the win2k drivers I first looked if the win98 drivers were mentioned correct in the drivemap.txt

I then saw one of the lines pointed to 3dfxvgl.dll while the name of the win98 drivers is 3dfxgl.dll
After renaming it my half-life worked properly again…
very strange, it never did this with previous installations

Maybe it’s because I used another cd to install it…

Its the new hl update that causes this i think.