Voodoo2 & AMD Duron - help!

I have an AMD-Duron, and an old Voodoo2, when i had an Intel CPU openGL apps ran fine using the latest drivers i got from my cards manufactuer!

i remember i had a lockup problem whenever my pc re-booted after i installed the 3dfx drivers, so i had to find an ‘AMD’ hacked set of voodoo 2 drivers, which worked…

but alot of screensavers and the such seem to require OpenGL, so they run at around a frame a week! - is there a workaround?

please advise!

thanx in adv


The v2 card has a driver that does not automatically redirects opengl32.dll calls to 3dfxv2.dll that contains the real accelerated functions.
Games like quake3 detect 3dfx cards and dynamically load the 3dfxv2 driver, but many demos & scr savers does not.
The simplest solution is to copy the file 3dfxv2.dll in the game/demo/scrsvr directory renaming it to opengl32.dll
It’s better not to rename it directly in the system dir because games like q3 may not work.

I have a Duron 850 and a Voodoo1.
The Problem is they work with Games well (direct 3d and glide), but some Games based on Quake3 engine (opengl Games like Q2 work) still crash by start anything with 3d. I have to restart my PC everytime I try. I got the last drivers. Far time with Pentium and Voodoo1 all Games work. Please help me.