Voodoo Banshee

Hi, I have a Voodoo Banshee, and many games such as NHL 2000, MDK 2, Final Fantasy 8, Star Wars : Phantom Menace just lock up on my computer. Now, I don’t know if it has to do with OpenGL, but it might have to do with Directx, cause I think that’s what those games use. Any game that starts withthe “3DFX” symbol usually works, and so does half-life. It is really ticking me off, because I payed good money for this video card, and I can’t play my favourite games. I have an AMD-K6 3D NOW!, with 350mhz, 64 megs of ram…and that’s about it…an 8 gig hard drive. IF any body knows or can relate to my problem, please email me. Thanks!