voodoo 3dfx OpenGl driver

Hi, guys

I try to find a 3dfx OpenGl driver to run on my windows system (95/98/nt)
I have a voodoo I 3dfx card and program OpenGL softs.
I’d like to use all my 3dfx card to enhance my applications.

Perhaps someone has the info or an idea where I can find 3dfx drivers
Taht would really help me. I can’t find it !!!

thanks to helping.

Try looking for new 3DFX drivers at http://www.3dfxgamers.com Look in Drivers, and find your model board, download and install.

Hello and thanks
but,in fact i’m looking for an OpenGL package allowing me to
develop and write my own program using my 3Dfx card.

                        The way to use it, to recognize it. (the source code in C)

thanks to helping me more. :cool:[/b][/QUOTE]

try http://www.opengl.org

(but don’t use their drivers… 3DFX drivers have a newer ICD)