Voddler, VAIO w/ Intel 945GM and OpenGL1.4

I have a VAIO laptop VGN-N250E with an Intel 945GM Express Chipset Family graphics controller and running Vista Home Premium 32-bit.
My problem is that i try to watch movies with a new program, Voddler, and the movies show in green tones (really annoying!). The people at Voddler tell me that i must update my video card driver and that the video card must support OpenGL 1.4. I have updated the driver several times and this doesn’t resolve the problem.
As far as i understand, i have a customized Intel video controller for the VAIO, so one suggestion i saw here is to switch to a generic Intel driver. But Windows doesn’t let me install that one. I go to the suggested workaround ( here ) and i still can’t install the generic driver.

In the meantime, I am also trying with the VAIO people and what they are trying to get my computer to do is to update the Video Shared Library, but either the VAIO Update software does not recognize that the update has been installed or the update doesn’t install even manually.

Anyone has any idea about what’s going on here? suggestions? how do i know if my video controller supports OpenGL 1.4 (it says it supports OpenGL, but not what version)?

i just want to be able to see the freaking movies in full color!!

Apparently, the program i was trying to use (Voddler) only supports ATI and Nvidia graphics.

i guess i should just give up then…

Intel’s OpenGL drivers are really bad. Your only hope is to pressure Sony to release updated drivers for your video card or allow the installation of generic Intel drivers.