VisualScene Nodes and Bone Heirarchy

Hi, all, just a quick question about the node heirarchy when defining a skeleton. I’m taking a look at the ‘root’ node in a skeleton, and calculating the matrices down from the root node, through the children, ie, ParentMatrix * <node matrices>. After calculating the node transform tree, I’m recursing back down through this tree and calculating the origin of the local co-ordinate matrix, ie, LocalAccumulatedMatrix * [0, 0, 0]. When I attempt to draw lines from parent to child, the skeleton appears completely wrong.

Am I interpreting the visual scene node structure incorrectly? I’m assuming passing the node heirarchy of a skeleton, and simply calculating the accumulated matrices, will result in the bind pose matrices of the skeleton?

Is this correct, or I’m missing something?

Which tool do you get the data from?

Hi, Remi, thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

I’m just using the test model data at the moment - the seymour.dae model. I tracked down the problem to a minor misplaced multiplication. :wink:

Also, are you aware of any videos showing the seymour skeleton during animation? This would be pretty handy for testing purposes during file format test parsing.

you can do this loading the model in COLLADA RT. Better than a video :lol: